Our Cats

Fender was born 2016-03-16. She is going to be our breeding female. She gave birth to three wonderful kittens in december 2017 and hopefully she will have a litter this fall (2018).

Fender loves to be outside at our summerhouse and she climbs trees whenever she gets the chance.

Thank you, Anne Pettersson, Hagtorns, for this wonderful girl.

    S*Hagtorns Fender

      NFO f 03 22

     Breeding female

     Born: 2016-03-16

     Breeder: Anne Pettersson

CH IP Kronos-Enrique van Siriusland

NFO ns 09


Born: 2010-06-19

Breeder: Ilse van Voren

Cronos is a son to Zelvitas Titan from my first litter. He is also a grandson to my Rosenöras Shakira.  I picked him up in the Netherslands in september 2010. He was supposed to be used as a breedingmale, but at that point I didn`t have any female. Cronos is a happy neuter and he is the sweetest cat in the world,

Thank you so much, Ilse and Gideon, for letting me have this boy.

S Zelvitas Escape

NFO n 0922

Born: 2017-12-23

Breeder: Me

Escape, or Skipper as we call him, is from my first litter from Fender. His father is Gunsmokes Pepper. I never intended to keep a male, but I couldn`t sell him. He is like a little teddybear with the sweetest temper.

Skipper is just like his mother when it comes to climbing trees. He has only been to one show so far, but I think he is a promising male.

I will never regret that he stayed in our family.

Skipper and his brother Beauty in our summerhouse 2018



Born: 2000-12-29

Dead: 2013-03-01

Elvis was my first cat. I was so happy when I picked him up. He was the most special cat I have ever met.

I bought him when I lived in Stockholm, so he has traveled on the subway, on an airplane and on bus and of course by car. After I moved back to Skelleftea we had a housecar for a couple of years and Elvis loved to go away with the housecar.

When Alice, our daughter, was born he loved to be with her. Every night he followed her to bed.

I had to let Elvis fall asleep in march 2013 because he was ill. I will always remeber him

SC S*Rosenöras Shakira

NFO n 09

Born: 2005-06-14

Dead: 2015-05-16

Former breeding queen


Shakira was my breeding queen. She was also my cat - she was sleeping at my pillow every night.

The last years of her life she could be free outside in our summerhouse and she just loved it. I had to pick dead mice from the garden every morning.

Shakira was never sick. She went out as usual and then a couple of minutes later I found her dead.

 SC Zelvitas Titan, DVM, DM

NFO n 09 22


Born: 2007-11-14

Breeder: Me

Titan is from my first litter, a son after my Shakira and Förtrolighetens Klas Kattfot. He was the only kitten that didn`t stay in the family. He moved to Ilse and Gideon in the Netherlands in march 2008 and he has been living with them since. Ilse has been showing him a lot and it`s thanks to her that he has so many titles. Titan has had 13 litters and my Cronos is his son.

In the end of june 2017 Ilse suddenly passed away. Her family couldn`t keep Titan anymore and then I decided to take him home again. In august 2017 I went to the Netherlands and picked him up. Titan was under a lot of stress when he came back and even if we did everything he couldn`t relax. I couldn`t see him suffer so after one and a halv month I put him to sleep. He is now resting next to his mother Shakira. Thanks to Judith Zuurweld  and Gideon Titan could return to Sweden.